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Fakultätslehrgang für Rechtsinformation und Informationsrecht

Fakultät für Physik, Aerosol und Umweltphysik



                  Center of Excellence for Meteorology of Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change
                  (Gruppe Prof. Markku Kulmala)

Ausgewählte Publikationen der letzten Zeit:

Winkler, P.M., Vrtala, A., Steiner, G., Wimmer, D., Vehkamäki, H., Lehtinen, K.E.J., Reischl, G.P., Kulmala, M. and Wagner, P.E., "Quantitative characterization of critical nanoclusters nucleated on large single molecules",
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Nature, 476, 429 (2011).

Winkler, P.M., Steiner, G., Vrtala, A., Reischl, G.P., Kulmala, M. and Wagner, P.E., "Unary and binary heterogeneous nucleation of organic vapours on monodisperse WOx seed particles with diameters down to 1.4nm",
Aerosol Sci. and Technol. 45 493 (2011).

Neubauer, D., Vrtala, A., Leitner, J., Firneis, M.G. and Hitzenberger, R., "Development of a model to compute the extension of life supporting zones for Earth-like exoplanets",
Orig. Life Evol. Bioph. 41 545 (2011).

Winkler, P.M., Vrtala, A. and Wagner, P.E., "Condensation particle counting below 2nm seed particle diameter and the transition from heterogeneous to homogeneous nucleation",
Atmos. Res. 90 125 (2011).

Winkler, P.M., Steiner, G., Vrtala, A., Vehkamäki, H., Noppel, M., Lehtinen, K.E.J., Reischl, G.P., Wagner, P.E. and Kulmala, M., "Heterogeneous nucleation experiments bridging the scale from molecular ion clusters to nanoparticles",
Science 319 1374 (2008).

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